Fiscal Responsibility

Did you know Clark County ranks well inside the top 20 in budgets in America!  Do you feel your tax dollars are being spent wisely? I will not be a rubber stamp and approve expenditures without a proper analysis of the benefits and costs to our community.

Click HERE to see the Top 20 Counties by budget in the United States of America.

Click HERE to see 2016 salaries for Clark County employees.

Government Red Tape

For a business to be able to succeed they need to provide their service or product in a timely manner to the public.  Currently our County Government impedes local business from being able to make timely business decisions.  I would actively work to facilitate business/government transactions.

County Commissioners Voting Records

It is amazing to me the high percentage of times there is a unanimous vote for matters brought before the  county commission. Are our tax dollars being spent so wisely that there is never an opposing view on these issues.  Of course one party currently holds all the positions on this commission.